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Become a regular giver and make a difference in the life of a marginalised child
Regular contributions enable us to bring predictability to our programmes which means we can plan and implement our projects better. This further means deprived children get uninterrupted access to education, regular health check-ups and protection from all forms of exploitation.
Regular gifts from our generous donors help us plan and execute life-saving programmes. It also enables us to be better prepared to serve children in case of emergencies and disasters.
You can brighten the life of a child with limited means. We’re counting on you…

Every rupee counts! You can make a difference. Come forward, now..

For decades Save the Children has been working with the most disadvantaged children to provide them better healthcare, education opportunities and protection from physical and mental exploitation. we go right in the middle of the poorest communities with our development projects and help children be children. We rid them from the clutches of malnutrition, send them to schools, help pregnant women deliver safe, pull children out of child labour – all with an aim to give children a happy childhood. 

It is because of the hundreds and thousands of generous donors that we have been able to pull it so far. We need your continued support to enable us to continue with our work with the same vigour and passion.