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Sponsoring a child through moksh Group is one of the most effective, inspiring and rewarding ways to help children. You’ll be doing much more than helping to meet children's basic needs – you’ll be helping to equip them for life. By bringing about lasting change in your sponsored child’s community, you’ll also be improving the lives of many other vulnerable children.



We are committed to working for the children most marginalized in our society in Save the Children. We are proud of the fact that in 2017, we were able to reach 22.51 lakhs through our various projects in the areas of education, health, child poverty, child protection, humanitarian response and DRR (disaster risk reduction) and emergency. Are the children


School sponsorship is a great way of supporting the long-term development of education in rural . ... We use your donation to make schools a better place for children to learn and grow, through strengthening the skills of teachers, headteachers, communities and district education officials.


Make a Donation to Where Most Needed... Your gift helps children in poverty reach their God-given potential by providing for their ............


Childhelp exists to meet the physical, emotional, spiritual, and educational needs of abused and neglected children, focusing its efforts and resources on treatment, prevention, and research....


We have a very kind family of more than 230 personal supporters, 5 corporate and 8 institutional (national and international) partners who help children to reach the weakest children in India. We have 22 programs (till December 2017) in 9 states of India. We are committed to doing whatever we can to reach every necessary child in India. It is possible for us only because of our supporters who have been part of our journey to give a better future to the children.

You can also join this family and can work for the help of most deprived children in India. Together we can help them claim the right to childhood, which they can like and be worthy of. We fully go on donation and keep maintaining our projects and establishing more of them, your support is important.

Any donation you donate will be used to save the children and to execute projects on the ground to benefit the most deprived children of India. We ensure that our response is on time and is distributed on a reasonable scale. While we once appreciate charity, monthly donations help us to make better plans for our programs and to maintain it for a longer period.

Even a modest amount of ₹ 1500 per month also puts a big difference in the child's life. Your support can help us save the child from labor and send them to school, this can help us to ensure a healthy start for a malnourished child or it can help save a girl from an early marriage.

Save the children is very transparent with its expenditure. In 2016-17, we spent 82% in the form of donations to run our programs across India.

Disclaimer: Protect the children on the basis of requirement on land, allocate resources to those areas, which require the most money.
Data Protection: We take utmost care with your data, we will never share your information. We also do not store any sensitive information like your credit card or bank statement.

How do we help children

health and Nutrition
We provide strong health and nutritional benefits to children coming from most marginalized communities.

We help children with limited education with access to quality education of children and children.

child protection
All children have the right to a healthy, happy and full life. Donate funds and donations to keep children safe and harmless. You can also donate online to support child protection programs.

emergency situation
Children can not wait for help in times of crisis. We work to help children rebuild before disaster strikes and their lives.