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A loving home

Sponsor a child with INR 1500/month
For an abandoned or a parentless child, a sponsorship of INR 1500 per month can make a world of difference. Yes, that’s all you need to donate to help a child get a loving home. In other words, a meaningful existence.


Sponsor a child with INR 18000/yearWith INR 18,000 you can sponsor a child for one whole year. It ensures a consistent support and helps the child live with love and respect with his/her Moksh family at one of the 32 Moksh group’s Villages in India.




Nutrition support and Mid-Day meal Program

”If we can conquer space, we can conquer childhood hunger”

With the dual objective of improving health and education of the poor children, Help Child India is focusing on an ambitious program for providing Mid-day meals to children and also providing nutrition support to children. We embark upon the development of children through these programs.


Moksh Group will be:

Distributing free nutritious food to 60 children on daily basis, to address classroom hunger and increase enrollment in schools.

Will be providing protein powder along with milk as nutrition supplement to children to address malnutrition. 

We Moksh Group are proud to be a part of the mid-day meal scheme which is one of the largest school lunch programme and will aim to increase the numbers in the coming days.

Sponsor education

Sponsor a child's education with INR 2500/month


You have the power to bring a change. It will take only INR 2500 a month and a few minutes of your time to fill in the donation form. Education makes for socially responsible individuals and good citizens


Sponsor a child's education with INR 30000/yearWith INR 30,000, you can sponsor a child’s education for one whole year. It is only through education that we can give direction to a budding life; make him/her self-reliant and socially responsible




We Moksh Group take the pride in bringing the smiles on the faces of these children who need true support. We stride towards the direction to encourage them in all verticals of education.

At present we are distributing over 500+ school kits with necessary stationeries for a whole academic year for both in rural and urban areas.

We take the privilege of having distributed over 500+ school kits in the past few years.

We distribute school needs and stationeries such as School Kit, which contain notebooks, pens, pencil, eraser, geometry box and labels that would help them, which would help a child perform better academically.

Apart from these we also provide free training on computer skills and spoken English class, which has become a necessary part of learning process these days to underprivileged children.

These innocent children now realize the love and concern showered upon them by the helping hands which made their day, when they hug the school bags with a smile. This is our small step towards bringing a ray of hope and encourage them come out with colors in the future & make a small difference in their lives.

We look further into accomplishments for raising the educational standards of these deprived and under-privileged children and help the build a better future through our various education and development programs, which are focused on children.

We encourage children to realize life, something beyond material and money, which moulds them as an inspiration to the society. Our gifts to them will surely help them at their school, finishing their tasks independently and have a cute smile.


“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”, don’t wait for the change, be that change.

We value your time and generosity, come volunteer with us and let’s together make a difference. Your involvement is worthy and priceless. A helping hand could empower and lighten a life of a child.

We Moksh Group invite you to join our team and be a part of success stories.

You could involve yourself in teaching activities for children in our own pre-school which provides free education and also volunteer in other activities like pattern painting and decorating school under program Education.

Also you could involve in teaching computer skills, which has become a vital part of our lives.




“Early Childhood is an essential phase of a child’s life, where one sees physical, mental, emotional and social development in their abilities. This can be witnessed at a staggering rate under the age of six, where a high dimension of learning can be achieved”

In this regard, we Moksh Group with a strong hope to nurture these little minds, which allow them to lay an academic foundation and bring the very best of their childhood, 

The Pre-School of ours is an initiative under program Education, which is an independent school which provides a safe and inducing environment to nurture and inspire young ones at free of cost.

We understand that every child is unique individual and our objective is to bring out their potential through a joyful and dynamic learning environment.


The features of our Pre-School are:

Good infrastructure with calm and spacious area

Free nutritional support and personal care

Two teachers, one coordinator and two ayahs at the center

Playful learning enviro



With this we aim to create a school community that promotes a passion for learning and enable the child to reach his or her fullest potential with colors of success.